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VIPCOUNT is a Bulgarian company founded in 2009. The company specializes in the development of products designed for the gaming industry, where gambling equipment is used.

The leading product of VIPCOUNT is EasyCSMS, which is a casino management system. The main task of the system is to help management personnel make informed decisions based on reliable data in real time. The functionality of the system and its competitive price make it the best choice for over 50 gaming and casino operators around the world.

Our product - EasyCSMS can meet both the requirements and needs of any gaming room or casino, as well as local laws and regulators. The easy-to-use user interface with many features and 24/7 support will improve the performance of your slots and casinos.


EasyCSMS is a complete product built from the hardware and software part and is a casino management system. The system is specialized and designed to be used in gambling halls and casinos where gambling equipment is used. The EasyCSMS product offers a full set of familiar functionalities as well as several unique solutions. The diverse functionality gives each client the ability to configure it according to their needs. The system works with all slot machines that support Slot Accounting System (SAS) protocol from 4.00 to 6.02.

Accounting and Statistics

Real-time data and full control of events and financial operations.

Mistery Jackpot

Independent and easy configuration of the required number of jackpot groups and their levels.

Global Mystery Jackpot

Unified Jackpots from multiple casinos

Tournament Games

Competitive games between the players.

Cashless Transfers

Fast Cashless Transactions. Identification and electronic wallet of players.

Ticket System

Non-cash Transactions (TITO) Transactions. Freedom to choose a game

Player Tracking

Monitoring of customers in real time. History of the game in detail. Different bonus programs for loyal customers.


Flexible access management and encrypted communication system.